By: Ramy Saleh

Fat loss is probably the most discussed topic in the fitness community. I can understand why, I mean every body wants to look good and losing fat is the way to do that. Add up to that the obesity epidemic around the world, and we’ll find that fat loss has become a topic that is highly in demand.

Such a hot topic  never goes out of fashion, and so we find new nutrition books coming out, new secret training routines that will shed the pounds faster than everything else. I honestly feel sorry for the average person who has probably never exercise a day in their life, spends 10 hours a day sitting on a chair, and is so desperate that they are surfing the internet try to find a way out. These guys and gals are already setup to fail. Their is sooooo much information on the internet that’s enough to cause information overload for even an advanced fitness nut.

From the top of my head, I bet I can name at least 10 fat loss diets that claim they will make you a lean, mean, sexy machine. Here we go: 3-2-1: The Abs Diet, The Mediterranean Diet, The Zone Diet, The Flexible Diet, The Renaissance Diet, The Paleo Diet, The Velocity Diet, The Keto Diet, The Atkins Diet, The Warrior Diet, The Whole 30 diet, The South Beach Diet, The Dash Diet, and those are just from the top of my head. So what the hell is the average person supposed to do when bombarded with all this information???

I would personally advise to go to a licensed nutritionist as your first choice because that will save you all the hassle. However, if that’s not an option, then I’ll give you some  universal fat loss principles that most diets are based upon. These principles will work for you no matter what. They are time tested and have worked for thousands of people.

Principle #1: Fat loss = A Caloric Deficit.

In order to lose body fat, you have to create a caloric deficit and to do that, you simply eat less calories than the amount you burn while exercising and at rest.

Our bodies burn a certain amount of calories while at rest. That number of calories is our Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). This means that if we lie in bed all day, our bodies will still burn calories and order to function.

Principle #2: Consistency is Key

Fat loss is all about consistency. You have to put in the work every single day, day after day. There are no short cuts and no magic pills. Sure, there are supplements that can help with your fat loss journey, but nothing trumps consistency.

Principle #3: Crash Diets Work, But only for a little while

If you want something you can sustain for the long term, my advice to you would be to stay away from crash diets. Crash Diets work, but I haven’t yet encountered anyone who has done a crash diet and kept the weight off for more than 3 months afterwards.

Instead, Lose the fat slowly. Go on a lifestyle diet, you shouldn’t be starving yourself, or going crazy because you are deprived every single day. Slow but consistent steps are the key to success here.

Principle #4: If you are not setup for success, you will fail

Your environment and who you hang out with, will define whether you will succeed or not. Most of those who gain weight, gain it because their environment supports it. After all, if all your friends where six-pack gym freaks who hung out at the gym for 3 hours, loved greens, and grilled chicken, you probably wouldn’t be over-weight, am I right?

Your environment in this case is the people you hang out with and the environment you live in. If we take the previous example to another extreme where if your friends love to party and are out drinking a ton every night, this lifestyle won’t really help you achieve your goal.

On another note, if your spouse is one who loves to keep desserts and sweet stuff around the house and you have a week spot for them, it would be a good idea for him or her to keep them out of sight or remove them from the house completely.

Regardless of which type of diet you go on or even if you seek the help of a nutritionist or dietician, these principles will guide you in the right direction. So go ahead and get on an exercise regimen, stay consistent, take it slow, and set yourself up for success and I guarantee that you will not fail. If you would like us to help get you no track, email our in house nutritionist today to book your Free consultation. Email:



About The Author: In 2010, Ramy Saleh founded CrossFit Stars, the first Egyptian CrossFit affiliate ever to introduce CrossFit to Egypt. Ramy has been labeled as “The Godfather of Egyptian CrossFit” by the CrossFit Journal as he introduced CrossFit to the country and has since coached several of the Egypt’s best CrossFit athletes and coaches. Ramy has brought to CrossFit Stars the “Fittest Man and Woman In Egypt Titles” in 2015,16,17, and 2018. Ramy also co-founded the Egyptian Functional Fitness league in 2018, and is currently the Technical Director to Egyptian Functional Fitness Federation.

In the past, Ramy was a competitive tennis player and was ranked as one of the top 100 junior tennis players in the world. He is also a co-founder of Stars Tennis Academy, an elite tennis academy for junior tennis players in Egypt.

Ramy has acquired numerous strength and conditioning certifications, but he is most proud of being a fully certified Gym Jones Instructor and a certified WestSide Barbell Strength Coach – accreditations bestowed upon less than 100 coaches in the world. Ramy credits most of his success as a coach to his mentors and learnings at Gym Jones.

In addition to his coaching career, Ramy earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the American University in Cairo with a major in Journalism & Mass Communication, and a minor in Business Administration. He also received a Masters in Business Administration from Maastricht University in The Netherlands.



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